FARREED's precision machining business covers a wide range of services from raw material, heat treatment, precision machining, surface treatment, cleaning, assembling, to packaging; Our precision machining products are widely used in Aviation, Automotive, Motorcycle, Automation, Medical Equipment, Agricultural Machines, Valves etc. Our contracted machining facilities have equipped with a full range of advanced manufacturing machines and inspection equipment. 

Key manufacturing equipment: 

-3 and 4 axis CNC milling machines; 

-CNC Turing machines;

-Multi-spindle Screw Machine; 

-CNC grinding machines, centerless grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines; 

-Wire Electrical Discharge Machine (WEDM) machines; 

-Supersonic cleaning machine; 

Critical inspection equipment: 


-CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine); 

-Roundness Checker; 

-Vision Measuring Machine; 

-Rockwell Hardness Tester; 

-Roughness Tester; 

-Thread Gauge; 

-Air Gauge; Torque Tester; 


-Non-destructive Sorting Instrument; 

-Salt spray tester.

To provide our customers an integrated service, we also can help optimize the manufacturing process by:

-sourcing the raw products as: profile material, raw casting parts, raw forged parts, raw stamping parts and raw welding parts; 

-handling heat treatments as: Carburizing, Nitro-cabonburizing, Nitride;

-handling surface treatments as: Anodizing, Electro Plating(Zinc plating, Nickle plating, Zn-Ni plating, Nicotef plating, Silver palting, Chrome Plating),Powder Painting, Electro Polishing, and Black Oxide;

Our goal is to be a first class cooperator in OEM and ODM business. With our contractors’ diversity production equipment portfolio, we can offer solutions to both high volume production and lower volume with high complex production including prototype work with quick response. 

All of our contracted facilities passed ISO9001 certification, and some of them even passed CE, SGS approvals. We always sincerely welcome any piece of opportunity from domestic and overseas customers, and we will be sure to provide the best solution for your interest.